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Adeline’s Energy, Sound Healing & Thai Massage Sessions offer a holistic and unique approach to healing. Her embodied presence helps clients gain awareness into their body, mind and spirit. The combination of techniques used, work to invite more flow, realignment of self, clarity in life and re-connection with one’s essence.



In-Person Session

Adeline provides a unique blend of modalities in each energy healing session, including weaving sound frequencies with crystal bowls, drums, voice, along with Thai massage, hands on intuitive energy healing & Reiki.

Location: Duncan, BC

1h 30m $88-$222



Virtual Session

In this profound sound journey, Adeline weaves distance energy healing with various sound frequencies with her voice and instruments, including her sacred drum, crystal bowl and many more.  Working with all aspects of one’s being – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Adeline creates harmony on a cellular level to bring back that which is out of tune.

1h $66-$222



Movement and Sound

In person in the Cowichan Valley

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Online offerings
coming soon

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Offering Private Group sound & movement journeys Online or in Person


Sound Healing works with all aspects of one’s being – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical – working at a cellular level to bring back into harmony that which is out of tune.

Sound therapy facilitates shifts in brainwave state via entrainment, the synchronization of brainwaves to sound frequencies. This makes it possible to down-shift from the normal Beta state (alert consciousness), through the Alpha state (relaxed consciousness), into Theta states (the meditative state), and to even reach Delta states (sleep, where natural healing occurs). Reaching these states of awareness stimulates emotional and physical release of trauma (energies of stagnation and dis-ease), which in turn promote natural healing. 

A sound bath feels like a spa treatment for your soul. Bathing in the frequencies of healing sounds is like getting a massage for your mind, body, and spirit.


Reiki is a well-known Japanese healing technique used to enhance vitality, move and clear energy and promote living a more balanced life. It includes hands-on healing as well as energy field healing.

Energy work is a whole-body treatment. It restores harmony to the client's energy field and may be experienced as relaxing, restorative, refreshing, or invigorating. The long-term goal is to optimize the client's health based on the premise that, over time, a healthy energy field forms or helps create a healthy body.


Thai Massage combines acupressure, energy-line work, assisted yoga postures, muscle compression and meditation to provide a deeply touching, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

Thai Massage stimulates and balances the flow of energy within the body, bringing the person deeper into balance and harmony for health, happiness and well-being. This practice enhances the free flow of intrinsic life force energy circulating within the body, while encouraging the release of chronic pain, muscle tension and promoting a deeper sense of inner peace.

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