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Adeline is an Energy and Sound-Healer, as well as a Gentle Touch Thai Massage Practitioner.

Her love and deep connection to Mother Earth, the trees, and the natural world opened her heart and freed her voice, leading her inward, reconnecting and remembering her medicine; the codes she carries and shares through her sound. By freeing her voice and her body, she brings forward the powerful primal medicine of sound and movement. Both are vectors of healing through releasing energies and all that no longer serves, thus reconnecting us to our essence.

Adeline has been on the path of healing and spirit for over a decade. Her journey began with the practice of Kundalini Yoga and chanting, which aligned her towards energy healing with Reiki. Sound Healing followed, and the birth of her Sacred Drum. It was on Vancouver Island that her journey took a deepening turn as she opened herself up to deep listening to the Earth, the trees, elementals, animals, and the world of spirit. In this, she reconnected to the ancient medicine that she now channels with her sound.

Meet Adeline 
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