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Group sessions: Movement and Sound
Sacred Sound Journey March 19th.png

 “A sound bath feels like a spa treatment for your soul. Bathing in the frequencies of healing sounds is like getting a massage for your mind, body, and spirit” 

As we slowly emerge from winter, yet still in this feminine season that call us inward, to rest and receive, recharge ourselves for the months and year to come in the energy of doing. 

This is an invitation to come together in heart felt connection, an opportunity for you to slow down, to befriend with the stillness of winter, reset, and taking that time to honour those parts of yourselves.

Through guided meditation and channeled sound using her voice and instruments, Adeline will hold space for you to surrender to what is present, for deep relaxation and letting go …

We’ll connect to this inward energy of winter, the depth of the death that winter allow within us, as a reset point, emptying ourselves to welcome the new, rebirth 

Adeline will be using Sacred Drum & Rattle, Gongs, Crystal singing bowls & Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, rainstick… creating a deep safe space for you to surrender and journey with your soul impulses to the power of sound.
This combined journey of energy & sound brings deep healing on the cellular level, releasing that which no longer serves, making space for the new, for expansion into love and light within and without.

Places are limited so make sure you book your spot!

Exchange: $33
Refunds and cancellations:
Please note at least 48 hours notice is required for possible refunding.

Upcoming retreats:

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Welcome to the Holistic Wellness Retreat into nature, into self. This coming Earth day 2023, we invite you to join Shanti and Adeline in reaffirming your deep connection to the Earth.
Our retreat is inspired and designed to give your body, mind and soul a time to recharge, reset, reconnect within.
As we take our automobiles for bi-yearly mechanical care so must we see to our own bodies, periods of rest and reawakening of Ojas; our inner fire.
The daily schedule has been crafted to balance movement and stillness, sound and silence, rejoicing and receiving, rewakening and remembering, all the while being held by the Ancient Yew forest. The Eaglenest sanctuary sits humbly by the Koksilah river inviting her guests to receive vivifying healing, moments of tranquility and forest bathing as nature intended as of remembering our connection to nature, the trees and river.
An opportunity to take this time for yourself, to slow down, go inward and listen…deep listening of the Earth within our connection to self, to feel supported and at ease, allowing the body and mind to rest and heal.

Adeline and Shanti work together to weave the ancient practices of yoga, meditation and chanting, sound healing and ecstatic dance. They invite the elements to support this retreat and the Grace of the Earth Mother to guide all those called to share in this experience that the way may be easeful for you to arrive.
Our deepest wish is that after 4 days with us, experiencing such practices, you will return to your routine newly inspired, renewed and full of joy.

Accommodations price per person from $850
Non refundable deposit: $350
To register, please contact Adeline via messenger or

All meals included from Thursday night dinner to Sunday lunch - Soulful vegan, gluten free meals
Teas and snack throughout the day
Fire Release (weather permitted)-New Moon intentions
Opening and closing ceremony
Morning and pre-diner yoga practices
Ecstatic dance
Sound Journeys
Nature connection: Earth wisdom and Forest bathing
Guided meditations, in nature, with yoga and more
Kirtan Sacred sound
Cacao ceremony
Kundalini dance night & Sound healing
Self care practices
Cold plunge (optional)
Hot tub and sauna free access
Evenings Bonfires (weather permitted)

Bring a friend or partner and get $100 off registration!


Accommodations price per person, 3nights, prices per person:

Single bed in shared room, 5 persons : $850

Semi-private room; 2 single beds : $900

Semi-private room; 2 single beds : $900

Semi-private room; Double Bed (3 person room): $900

Semi-private room; Single Bed (3 person room): $900

Private Room, Queen bed, 2persons: $950 (specific requirements)

Past retreats:

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